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Metals & Minerals

In the sampling and analysis of metals, minerals, and coal, Certispec has an outstanding reputation for the integrity and efficiency of its services at every level of processing, from mining through consumption to final end-use.

Marine Services

  • Supervision of marine loading & discharge operations.
  • Displacement / deadweight surveys to determine the weight of product loaded/discharged.
  • Vessel cleanliness inspections prior to loading.

Flow Moisture and Transportable Moisture Limit (TML)

Our offices in Montreal and Vancouver have been audited by Transport Canada for compliance to the IMSBC Code for the certification of Flow Moisture and Transportable Moisture Limit.

Sampling and Weight Control

  • Sampling for quality, moisture determination in accordance with national and international standards, or other mutually agreed methods.
  • Weight control can be undertaken by draft survey, static scale, or belt scale. Our inspectors review all weighing procedures and ensure weight determination is undertaken using the most accurate methods available.

Stockpile Inventory Services

  • Inventory control using aerial photography for large uncovered piles, and conventional land survey for covered piles.
  • Volumetric determinations using the latest software, and density are combined to produce tonnage.
  • Stockpile inventory can be supplemented with sampling for proximate or ultimate analysis.