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Associations and Professional Organisations

A.M.S.B.C. (The Association of Marine Surveyors of British Columbia)
A.O.A.C. International (The Association of Analytical Communities)
A.O.C.S. (The American Oil Chemists' Society)
A.P.I. (American Petroleum Institute)
A.S.T.M. (The American Society for Testing and Materials)
The Chamber of Shipping
E.I. (The Energy Institute)
Fertilizer Australia
F.O.S.F.A.(The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations)
I.I.M.S. (The International Institute of Marine Surveying)
I.S.O. (The International Organisation for Standardisation)
N.I. (The Nautical Institute)
O.C.I.M.F. (The Oil Companies International Marine Forum)
TIC (The TIC Council)

Legislative and Regulatory Bodies

D.A.W.R. (The Australian Department of Agriculture)
I.M.O. (The International Maritime Organisation)
Transport Canada - Marine
U.S.C.G.(The United States Coast Guard)