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Marine Technical Services

Certispec provides qualified deck and engineering, deep-sea officers for technical surveys such as deadweight measurements, vessel condition surveys, cargo / vessel / dock damage assessments, tanker vetting services and security assessments as required by the I.M.O. - I.S.P.S. Code.

Our surveyors retain active membership in The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) and are available around the clock to conduct a wide variety of inspections and surveys involving deep sea vessels and the cargoes that they carry. We have the capability to acquire and send digital photographs or video, via the internet, to enable our international clients to get a "real time" picture of what is going on with their interests.
Condition Surveys
Detailed, independent assessment of condition of deep sea vessels both before and after being taken on hire or prior to purchase. We can conduct Ultrasonic Testing of hatch covers with equipment that has been approved by major Classification Societies.

Hold Cleanliness Surveys

Visual inspections of cargo holds to determine their acceptability for the carriage of specific cargoes.

Inspections of cargo gear and records to determine compliance with international maritime standards. 






Certispec are members of Fertiliser Australia and our surveyors are approved by them for the pre-loading inspection of deep-sea vessels intending to transport commodities to Australia. 

Tanker, Tug and Barge Vetting Surveys

Vetting of deep-sea tankers, tank barges and tugs as per O.C.I.M.F. requirements by our qualified SIRE inspectors.

ISPS Security Assessments

Our surveyors have all successfully completed recognized training courses to enable us to provide independent assessments of vessel security plans as required by the new IMO ISPS (International Ship & Port Facility Security) Code.

Draft Surveys

Independent certification of cargo weights loaded / discharged based upon displacement surveys taken before and after loading. Surveys are conducted to internationally accepted standards.

P& I Surveys

Surveys conducted on behalf of P & I clubs as an independent assessment of any reported damages to either the vessel or its cargo.